The classrooms are the center of learning and have been designed to support optimal movement, stimulating learning environment.
Our classrooms are fitted with comfortable desks, White Boards, central heating and air conditioner, large windows for natural light to encourage creativity with so that the students internalize the concept of ‘thinking out of the box’. This, coupled with our strong educational standards and quality teaching practices, ensures our children find classroom learning fun and engaging.

Academic Facilities

library: Every child needs a cozy space to explore his/her limitless boundaries of imagination. Our well-resourced library and its attractive layout is a boost for young researchers. The extensive range of books chosen to cater to children of different age groups keeps their hungry minds stimulated and eager to seek more knowledge.
ICT Lab: In this ever changing world of technological advancement, AMS embraces the learning of Computer by using the latest technologies and software, giving its students a competitive edge by making Computer cross-curricular. We believe in a generation of digital natives who have the world at their fingertips, and keeping that in mind, we provide our students with the best digital resources.
Scientific Lab:The science lab is fully equipped to ensure that students are in touch with all the latest developments and techniques. The environment and setting of the lab nurture the intuitive and inquisitive minds of the children and enhance their zest to make scientific enquiries and experiments by applying it practically.

Sporting Facilities

The importance of play, whether structured or spontaneous, as well as organized team games, is vital to the critical development of the child as an individual. This is where our children further enhance their physical, social, creative, and psychological skills, so that they may develop a positive attitude towards learning, teamwork, leadership skills, and a high spirited outlook toward life in general.
Playgrounds: The indoor and outdoor playgrounds are equipped with specialized safe flooring and offer multiple provisions for different games while creating a safe level of usability. The school provides football court, basketball and volleyball courts.

Arts Room

Art students take inspiration from the world around us in all its diverse appearances. The Arts room provides space for students to spread out that work, develop their creative and artistic potential within an environment which is bright and cheerful. The room is equipped with all necessary materials for the student to unleash their creativity.
The students will be displayed and in classrooms and around the school. In addition to the schools art exhibition.

Music Room

The Music room is equipped with quality instruments, allowing children to tap into their musical talent. Our qualified music teachers guide students in their musical pursuits throughout the year. Our music rooms are a hive of tuneful activity, playing host throughout the year to music lessons, band and group rehearsals and concerts.

School Clinic

Our students’ health is of paramount importance to the school. The clinic provides a complete back-up to the health, hygiene and emergency services. The clinic is well-equipped, fully staffed by qualified and experienced health care professional providing for the daily needs and required care to the students.


The cafeteria at Al-Mawakeb Schools is fully equipped and plays an important educational and socio-cultural role. The purpose of the cafeteria is to promote healthy eating habits by providing a wide variety of nutritious food and drinks, as well as to encourage courtesy and basic etiquettes among the students.


The school has an extensive fleet of well-maintained buses which cover a large radius around the school. All our buses are manned by qualified and experienced drivers. The buses have a trained conductor/attendant to ensure the safety of all the students on board. The schools buses have all mandatory clearances from concerned authorities to ply on the road. We provide transportation service to the following areas: ----- --------


An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities is the auditorium. The grand hall can hold up to 300 students and it’s equipped with visual and sound system which makes it perfect for all school events.
It’s the center stage for a number of activities, including school plays, performances, music & theatre shows, lectures and our annual graduation ceremony.

Prayer Room

To preserve and plant the cultural and religious values the school provides a prayer room in the school.