Lebanon Curriculum

Interactive curriculum

Adopts classroom and extracurricular activities, active learning methods, self-learning, applied exercises, and joint projects, according to the diversity of intelligences and learning patterns, and takes into account quality standards.

Characteristics of the Lebanese Curriculum:
- a unified curriculum for all in the basic education stage, which is divided into primary education in its first and second classes and intermediate education, on the different affiliations and environments from which the learners came, it avoids ideologies and politics.
The student in secondary education can choose one of four disciplines: , Sociology and Economics, General Science, Life Sciences).
Lebanese Curriculum The pre-university education curriculum in Lebanon is an official curriculum approved by the Lebanese government .
It is an integrated curriculum in the various global fields. It includes educational materials that provide students with basic knowledge and adopts the formative strategy of education, in addition to informational education. It’s based on providing the learner with a range of knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes, not only in understanding information or definitions, but also in analyzing, applying, evaluating and synthesizing them based on the concept of technology as a particular way of thinking in order to open the learner's horizons to the temporal world of life , And to remove the alienation that existed between schools and its surroundings, with both modern and technological developments, and between educational material and social and developmental activities, instilling in the minds of teachers and learners the concept of learning instead of the concept of indoctrination and reception, to grow skilled learners that be able to free themselves from any crisis ,seeking the advantage of acquiring knowledge and skill, practicing values ​​and taking positions, they are more willing to deal with the latest developments of the age and to meet its challenges.
The Curriculum focuses on :
  • The individual's personality, the ability to self-fulfillment, responsibility, moral commitment and dealing with others in the spirit of responsible citizenship and human participation through the cognitive field of knowledge, and the emotional field.
  • to create a unified, cohesive, productive society capable of exercising its cultural role in the Arab society in particular.
The Secondary School Curriculum focuses on establishing the personality of the learner and developing it as a good productive citizen, linking the school and life, and the general education of the pre-university and university education. The learner prepares to choose his field of specialization or enter the labor market, And civil, national and spiritual cultures: to understand the essence of religions and their role in the spiritual, moral and human character of the individual and its practice , Respecting others and establishing the foundations of coexistence, as well as understanding the meaning of rights, duties and regulations, understanding the civilized site and respecting work.
The curriculum works on the development of a cooperative human being in the society, a conscious activist of his civil responsibilities, a influential in the decisions of his society and a contributor to the establishment of intercultural understanding to promote a peaceful resolution to conflicts.
Al Mawakeb international Schools in Turkey Approved by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon to teach the Lebanese Curriculum
The curriculum seeks to build an intellectual, contemplative, inquisitive, critical, constantly evolving and changing, creative and problem-solving person. S/he has the skills of technology and communication to deal with information, to be able to have a wide knowledge, to share knowledge and to have the ability to manage his life effectively. In a satisfactory manner.
The curriculum takes into account the requirements of growth in this age, and acquires the knowledge and skill of scientific, technical and basic sports. It develops its technical and motor skills and alerts it to interest in them and enhances its artistic taste and aesthetic sense. It acquires the basic methods of expression and linguistic communication in more than one language and the values related to its society, environment, health, .