The importance of using activities in teaching

The importance of using activities in teaching

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The use of activities in teaching is of great importance, as it lies in increasing the interaction between the teacher and the student, and in reducing students’ dropouts from classes, in addition to its important role in increasing their knowledge and developing their talents.

It is undeniable the importance of using activities in teaching and in building the student's personality, increasing his knowledge and understanding of various information in a smooth manner. Educational activities have made learning a real pleasure that attracts students!


The educational activities contributed to strengthen the bonds between teachers and students, and increased their interaction during the lessons, until they became fun and not boring, no matter how difficult and dry the subjects taught.


This is what made Al-Mawakeb International Schools introduce various educational activities to its classes. In an effort to develop the ideas of its children, expand their knowledge, and discover their talents and abilities.


Educational activities:

The concept of learning activity can be summarized in a set of studied educational practices, which aim to build the student's personality and develop his skills, by investing all his energies in order to develop his special talent.

These practices vary according to the students’ inclinations and interests, which are related to educational materials and other social aspects, or related to recreational and practical activities such as singing, drawing, music, sports, and others.


What is the importance of using activities in teaching?

Educational activity has an important role in shaping the student's personality, extracting his energies, and developing his individual skills. The importance of educational activities lies in the following:


The importance of educational activities


1- Develop the student's love of cooperation and participation with his teachers and colleagues.

2- Modify the aggressive behavior of the student, and make him responsible for his emotions.

3- It increases the student's self-confidence, strengthens his personality, makes him social, and rid him of his shyness.

4- he student realizes the importance of time to invest it in doing useful things.
5- By using educational activities, lessons become more fun.
6- Develop the spirit of competition among students.
7- Develop the concept of teamwork among students and reveal and develop their skills. 
8-  The student learns the importance of preserving the environment.
9- Strengthening the student's bond with the Islamic religion and strengthening his bond with his homeland.
10- Help raise the student's health level through exercise.

The top 5 educational activities highlighted the importance of using activities in teaching

The importance of using activities in teaching is evident in their diversity and compatibility with the interests of students, as represented in the following:

Sports activities

Sports activities aim to enhance the spirit of cooperation and competition by holding various sporting events, such as organizing football matches between schools, running races, and others.


Cultural and artistic activities

Such as organizing plays, workshops related to painting, handicrafts, sculpture, developing skills related to singing, radio presentation, and more.


Religious activities

his type of activity strengthens the principles of the Islamic religion, and urges students to adhere to them, through lessons that tell the stories of the Qur’an and Islamic history, in addition to lessons learning intonation, and competitions for memorizing the Holy Qur’an.


Environmental activities

Environmental activities give students awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, by preparing agricultural campaigns to plant trees, clean beaches, and raise awareness of the dangers of pollution and how to prevent it.



Scientific activities

It takes place by conducting experiments in front of students, such as chemical reactions, physical experiments, and other experiments that are conducted in the laboratories designated for them.


Fundamentals of using activities in education

The school follows some principles while carrying out educational activities, which are summarized as follows:


*Arouse the student's interest in doing the activity.

*Praise and encourage the student's efforts.

*Enhancing the student's self-confidence and helping him focus.

*Using methods that motivate the student to carry out the activity without coercion.


*Start activities sequentially from easiest to hardest.

*Giving the students tasks that are easy to implement and their requirements are available in the market.

*Show what has been implemented in front of the students, and conduct dialogues about it.

*Determine the main objectives of the activities.

*Determine the appropriate place and time, and prepare the necessary tools to carry out the activity.

*Practicing the activity at a specific time without conflicting with other duties.

In the end


The importance of using activities in teaching is evident in their direct and indirect impact on developing the student’s skills, expanding his knowledge, and giving him all the means that help him excel at all academic, social and personal levels.


There is no doubt that parents have a major role in encouraging their children and urging them to participate in educational activities that will have a positive and effective impact on their performance


We at Al-Mawakeb International Schools, with our management and teachers, cooperate to raise a new, promising generation that will benefit its nation in all aspects of life.

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