English Homeroom Teacher

Istanbul - Esenyurt

Job Brief: 
The primary school homeroom teacher plays a crucial role in delivering top-notch education and care to students. Their primary responsibilities include planning and executing engaging lessons that facilitate optimal progress for all pupils. It is essential for the teacher to possess excellent subject knowledge and effectively communicate it with enthusiasm and creativity. Additionally, active participation in the school's routine activities and extracurricular initiatives, as well as departmental involvement, is expected. 
- A Bachelor's degree in education specializing in English, or a related field is required.
- A minimum of 2 years of experience as an English Teacher is necessary.
- Previous experience teaching in a classroom setting is essential.
- Strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills are required.
- Proficiency in English is mandatory, and knowledge of Turkish is considered a bonus. 
Task Requirments:
- Ensure that students achieve above-average learning outcomes in English through clear, concise, and engaging instruction.
- Align the curriculum with the school's objectives by staying updated on its mission and initiatives.
- Teach all areas of the primary curriculum, including planning, preparation, and delivery of instructional activities.
- Implement various teaching methodologies, such as hands-on learning activities, games, discussions, multimedia resources, and visual aids.
- Create an organized classroom environment with stimulating displays to foster a positive learning atmosphere.
- Encourage active student participation and assist them in analyzing and improving study methods and habits.
- Continuously monitor student progress and adjust the pace of instruction accordingly.
- Regularly assess and grade students to evaluate their performance.
- Ensure students' attentiveness during lesson delivery.
- Properly implement the school's educational program.
- Maintain discipline and uphold appropriate standards of behavior within the classroom and school premises.
- Utilize curricula that embrace the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students.
- Develop and modify lesson plans throughout the academic year.
- Maintain regular communication with parents and legal guardians, providing feedback on student progress and keeping records up to date for progress reports and conferences.
- Take responsibility for the academic progress of a primary-age class.
- Motivate students through enthusiastic and imaginative class activities.
- Provide regular feedback to parents on their child's progress.

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