About Us

To create an educational environment that nurtures empathy, inspires curiosity and empowers creativity.

20 Years in education
350+ Students
95% Happy Students

About Al Mawakeb schools

Year after year, Al-Mawakeb International Schools in Istanbul continues its educational and scientific journey, in the service of the students with continuous support in all their scientific steps.

This can only be achieved through empowering our respected employees and cadres, refining their skills and through exchanging experiences, and disseminating best educational, organizational and practical procedures.

We encourage our students to develop their talents and enjoy their studies every day; We challenge them to accomplish new brilliant tasks, to extract the best of their competencies and skills, to highlight them with passion, and we seek to develop a sense of responsibility in their personalities, which enables them to make a real difference in the world, and equip them to become good citizens.

And at the end of each year, we are proud to graduate a new group of successful people, who excel in their lives, their behaviors, their dealings, and then in their education ... to be effective and active members, and each one of them contributes in spreading knowledge, generous ethics he has recognized in himself ...

Main Principles



We inspire our students to undertake leading, dynamic and responsible roles in caring for others in our changing world.


The support

We support students in achieving their fullest academic potential and developing their individual personality.



We seek to motivate and build the minds and skills of all our students, within a safe, friendly and responsible environment

Our Mission

We aim to use the best available technologies and educational techniques to nurture critical 
scientific thinking, and expose our students to the true meaning of being a global citizen

Our vision

To create an educational environment that nurtures empathy, inspires curiosity and empowers creativity.

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