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Admission and Registration Policy


We are pleased with your interest in registering your children with us in Al-Mawakeb International Schools in Istanbul, and we wish them years of study that are filled with fun, interest, knowledge, work, learning, and the acquisition of useful skills and experiences.

This policy explains basic elements such as:

  • The approved mechanism for registration and admission to Al Mawakeb International Schools.
  • The documents required for registration, and previous academic certificates.
  • Registration fee, and tuition fee.
  • The dates of payment of school fees and tuition fees, and the mechanism for requesting their refund.
  • Admission requirements.
  • Instructions for discipline for the student, and the right of the school administration to direct, guide, and take the necessary measures.
  • Al Mawakeb Schools administration has the right to amend this policy without prior notice.

Admission Requirements

The student’s guardian submits an initial electronic registration request, according to a simplified form available on the Al Mawakeb Schools website.

After the electronic application is approved, an appointment for the student and his family will be arranged according to a time convenient for them, for in-attendance registration.

It is required to show the original and copy of the identity papers of the student and his guardian, such as Turkish residency cards and passports.

In addition to submitting the original and copy of the last certificate obtained by the student, certified by its source as stipulated in Turkish law, and under the responsibility of the student’s guardian regarding its validity.

The school administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to issue a decision to accept or reject the registration of any student, as it deems appropriate, without giving any reasons for that.

The school administration has the right to issue a decision to dismiss a student for specific reasons; For example, if he performs unacceptable behavior, or a serious breach of order and discipline instructions, or causes harm, or otherwise according to the administration's opinion, whether the student was alerted before the dismissal decision or not, in accordance with Turkish law.

For more details regarding any of the terms of this policy, you can contact us through the specified communication channels.

School Fees


Before the start of the school year, the school tuition fees paid within a period of 3 days can be refunded, after submitting a written request explaining the reason for withdrawal. This does not include the registration fee of $ 200, which is not refundable.

After the start of the school year, it is not possible to request a refund of any paid installments, whatever the reasons for withdrawal.


The student’s guardian is expected to adhere to the deadlines for payment of all fees and specified installments. The school administration has the right to send reminders as notifications to alert parents of the payment dates.

In the event of failure to respond, the school administration has the right to take advanced action that may amount to depriving the student from attending classes, or using the school bus, or otherwise, according to Turkish law.


When registering in attendance, the amount of the registration fee of $ 200 + at least 50% of the tuition fees for each student must be paid, and the full payment of the academic year fees should be completed before the end of the first semester.


The student cannot obtain the academic certificate at the end of the school year, except after completing the full payment of the school fees specified.

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