Prices of private schools in Turkey

Prices of private schools in Turkey

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Prices for private schools in Turkey start at $1,500, and these fees vary from one school to another, this depends on the different educational stages, the level of quality, and the type of curricula followed, and here are the details.

It is necessary to know the prices of private schools in Turkey if you want your children to complete their studies within its distinguished schools, which provide strong and approved academic curricula, in a way that develops the capabilities of your children and expands their knowledge.


Al-Mawakeb International Schools are known to be the most appropriate tuition fees among private schools in Turkey. In view of the value and benefit it provides to the students, in addition to having a complementary curriculum, and providing an exceptional multilingual education. 

Study in Turkey

Over the past twenty years, Turkey has maintained its political and social stability, and witnessed a remarkable civilizational development in various educational institutions, especially its educational facilities such as universities and specialized institutes, international schools in Turkey, and other private and government schools.

This comprehensive renaissance was manifested in many changes in the school and university education systems, the establishment of new schools, the introduction of foreign languages ​​and making them an essential subject in educational curricula.


Thus, Turkey became a suitable option for those who were forced by the circumstances of their country to migrate to it.

This is due to its stability and appropriate and developed environment, in addition to its schools that provide the best educational experience suitable for your children academically and socially, and expand their perceptions to be leaders in thinking and creativity in the foreseeable future.


Prices of private schools in Turkey:

Prices for private schools in Turkey start at about $1,400 annually, and these fees vary from one school to another, depending on the school’s location, services, buildings, curriculum, educational level, languages ​​taught, and so on

As for international school fees, they exceed $2,500, knowing that some schools affiliated with foreign embassies may have annual fees of $15,000, such as the American School and the British School in Istanbul.


The most prominent criteria for choosing private schools in Turkey


If you are seeking to have your child attend the best private schools in Turkey, you should consider these criteria while choosing the appropriate school:

1- That the school be accredited in the Turkish and international educational system; To ensure that the best education is provided to your child, and so that he does not face any difficulty if he needs to transfer to another school, locally or internationally, in another country. 

2-To enhance the student's self-confidence, and to inculcate moral values ​​and principles in himself.


3- To adopt a curriculum that supports self-learning; to motivate students to seek and search for knowledge.
4- To provide multilingual education (such as English, Arabic and Turkish).
5- Allocating educational classes for the sciences of the Qur’an, Islamic education and the Arabic language.
6- Introducing various methods and educational activities such as theatre, music and excursions, in a way that enhances the student's love of learning.
7- It is necessary to choose a school that provides best practices for the use of technology, which opens knowledge horizons and wide professional opportunities for those who possess the keys of the era in terms of knowledge and creativity.
8- That the school has a comprehensive school library; to develop students' reading skills and expand their knowledge. 

Types and prices of private schools in Turkey:

Private schools are spread all over Turkey, and are divided into several types.

 Turkish private schools:

 Recently, private schools adopting Turkish academic curricula have increased, but they provide a stronger learning and knowledge environment than public schools. 

Some Turkish private schools have increased their interest in introducing secondary curricula and teaching foreign languages ​​such as Arabic and English. Their prices are generally reasonable, starting at about $1,500 annually

However, the Turkish language remains the main language of science, literature and communication, which may become an obstacle for students who have recently moved to this country, and this may also limit their opportunities if they graduate from it and then move to other foreign countries or even after returning to their country.

Arab schools in Turkey:

This type of school preserves Arab culture, its sciences and literature, as it relies on teaching the official curricula in some Arab countries.


Arab schools pay remarkable attention to teaching Islamic education, in addition to allocating classes for teaching English and Turkish.


Arab schools are distinguished by their average fees, starting from 1400 US dollars, such as: Iraqi schools, Palestinian schools, Libyan schools, and others. But they may lack a strong curriculum in English.


3- International schools in Turkey:

The English language is adopted in this type of school as a basic language, and it is unique in the quality of its education and its various teaching methods, which develop students' talents and enable them to enjoy their studies every day.


International schools are often more expensive than the prices of private schools in Turkey which teach in Turkish language.



Al Mawakeb International Schools as an example!

Al Mawakeb International Schools are among the best private schools in Turkey. As it provided education in 3 languages, it adopted the teaching of scientific subjects in English, and allocated some classes for teaching the Arabic language and its literature, and some classes for mastering speaking the Turkish language and learning how to read and write it


In addition to adopting the American curriculum in teaching, which supports self-learning among students, in addition to the fact that Al Mawakeb schools are accredited by governmental and international agencies.


 Al Mawakeb school is also keen on implanting moral values ​​and principles in the hearts of the students, and its constant endeavor to introduce modern educational methods that help the student receive information and enhance his self-confidence, in addition to teaching students high skills to enhance creativity and enter the world of technology.


Al-Mawakeb International Schools are unique in their reasonable prices in view of the value they provide, so they are among the best options available to those looking for the best education for their children.


In conclusion, Al Mawakeb International Schools have been able to prove their competence in creating an appropriate educational environment that provides your child with what he needs and opens the way for him to a bright future in which he can achieve his dreams and your aspirations.


If you would like to know more information and details of private school prices in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

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