How do you find the best private schools in Esenyurt - Istanbul?

How do you find the best private schools in Esenyurt - Istanbul?

Ammouri Feb 21, 2023 - 21:55
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Al Mawakeb International Schools are keen to be among the best private schools in Esenyurt, as we apply high academic curricula and standards to become the ideal choice for your children's education.

Al Mawakeb International Schools are keen to be among the best private schools in the Esenyurt region, as we apply high academic curricula and standards to become the ideal choice for educating your children.


A number of private schools in the Esenyurt region have received remarkable attention from Arab and international communities, due to their curricula that develop students' skills, expand their knowledge, support their personality, and enhance their self-confidence.


And because of the social repercussions that affected some countries, and forced their residents to migrate to a safe country that guarantees them to live in peace and provide the best education for their children, Esenyurt, located in the European part of Istanbul, was specialized in a great deal of this.

Due to its modern infrastructure, which included a group of the best private schools in Istanbul, in addition to affordable housing complexes, highways, and economic services.


Esenyurt has become the appropriate choice that guarantees that your children will have a quality education that suits your aspirations and fulfills their dreams. This is what Al Mawakeb International Schools strive for. Which adheres to the highest standards in the quality of educational outcomes, to ensure that your children have an ideal academic and cognitive experience that will lead them to the highest levels of success.


Why Esenyurt district in Istanbul?

Esenyurt embraced thousands of families who chose it in the hope of a stable and quiet life, and the city provided them with the various necessities of living that they were looking for, and they found in it a lively and fast transportation network, popular markets, shopping centers, universities, and public and private schools.


Because of its crowding with foreign and Arab communities, international schools and private schools have spread in the Esenyurt region, which have striven to provide the best level of education for the children of foreigners in Turkey, according to well-studied curricula that enhance students' knowledge and strengthen their skills in various fields.


How do you choose the best school among the private schools in Esenyurt?

Before you enroll your child in a private school in the Esenyurt region, you must make sure of some important criteria, such as:

Having a curriculum that promotes self-learning

The American curriculum, for example, is considered one of the best educational curricula in international schools. This is because it motivates the student to work and continuous research, and instills in him the love of learning.

 Therefore, we advise you to search for a private Esenyurt school that adopts a curriculum that supports self-learning. This is one of the most important factors in choosing the appropriate school before looking at other factors, such as the location of your residence. All schools in Turkey provide transportation services within the neighborhoods.


2- Promoting moral values ​​and self-confidence

The school is the second home that contributes to the formation of the student’s personality, by instilling principles and values ​​in educational situations, helping him to face the challenges of daily life, to deal with them in a correct manner, and this gives him self-confidence and good dealing with others.


3- Teaching several languages

Learning other languages ​​besides the mother tongue has become an essential and inevitable matter, so it was better to search for private schools in Esenyurt that are interested in teaching several languages, such as Turkish, Arabic and English, and push and motivate students to learn and speak them fluently, in a way that guarantees them a bright academic future in any prestigious university, God willing, and achieves a reasonable integration with their host community.


4- The use of educational activities


Educational activities of all kinds, whether sporting, artistic, religious or environmental, help to strengthen the spirit of cooperation among students, refine the student's personality, broaden his understanding, highlight his talents, and enhance his strengths.

5- Expanding scientific and technological skills


Enabling the child's technological knowledge at a young age makes him a brilliant and creative person with a bright future, and therefore it is necessary to search well for a school that gives students a reasonable amount of e-learning, in order to give him the best scientific and technological skills, and help him in his future career.


And we have to admit that teaching programming to children, the skills of using office programs, and even design programs and games, has become the language of this era, and if we do not care about directing it early, the child may displace them to what may harm him!



6- Interest in teaching the Arabic language and Islamic education

It is important for the child to grow up in a school that preserves his originality and communication with his mother tongue, through lessons dedicated to teaching the Arabic language, teaching the child the principles of the Islamic religion, and allocating religious lessons that suit his age and understanding, in a way that guarantees a closer approach to his identity and culture.

7- A comprehensive school library

It is good for the school to have an extensive library, which includes various types of stories and scientific, cultural and historical books; This is of great importance in encouraging students to commit to daily reading, which will develop their culture and knowledge in various areas of life.


International schools are the best type of private schools in Esenyurt

If you are looking for the best types of private schools in Esenyurt, international schools are often the right choice for your children, especially since they are schools with international and local accreditations, and offer supportive educational curricula that adopt the American curriculum, which is one of the best education curricula available in Turkey.


In addition to providing multilingual education, classes have been allocated to teach the Arabic language in its various literatures and history, with the help of qualified teachers.

In addition to adopting the English language as a primary language in scientific subjects, in addition to teaching students and training them to master the Turkish language in special classes, as it is the language of the host country.


As well as the use of extracurricular support activities, instilling values ​​and moral principles in the same student, and giving him the best technological skills, and other things that fill the student with knowledge, confidence and ambition.


Al Mawakeb International School is keen to meet all these standards, to live up to the aspirations of both the parents and the students to reach high levels of success and creativity in the future, and it is, according to the testimony of generations of graduates and their families, one of the best international schools in Istanbul.


In conclusion, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with all information related to Al Mawakeb International Schools, and respond to your inquiries regarding educational curricula for different age groups.

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